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WPIL has got strong after sales service to cater to various customer needs.

This is possible due to following two major facts:
Availability of Spare Parts
Competent service personnel

Availability of Spare Parts
Company keeps record of each & every pump supplied to any client in India or Abroad
The record contains complete original manufacturing bill of materials of supplied pumps.
From the record, it is possible to get the details of each pump i.e. from impeller to the smallest nuts & bolts in each of the pumps supplied.
The record is maintained such that spares can be supplied for even a pump older than 20 years.
Delivery of spares is given in very short time.
Customer need to inform the pump serial number which is a 4 (four) object number preceded by 2 or 3 lettered Alphabet. i.e. IZ 1872 or IAT 8012. These numbers are engraved on the name plate provided with each pump.

Competent Service Personnel
There is a full fledged department consisting of qualified and experienced engineers, technicians.
WPIL's experienced service personnel's can do a lot for the benefit of customers
Identify problems either by site inspection or from customers report.
Recommend solutions to take care of above problems.
Carry out on site solution to problems in pump as well as related accessories.
Take up complete installation/commissioning of pumps & related accessories on turn key basis.
Supervise installation/commissioning of pumps & related accessories when customer themselves carry out the job.
Check onsite performance of pumps & related accessories.